UPDATE 7/22/08

Liberty's hair loss and possible skin infection has been diagnosed as the fungal disease ringworm, and it covers her head to toe. She started oral medication, as well as topical treatments, on Sunday and so far she has not tolerated the oral meds at all. Her dose is being adjusted and will be tried again after her stomach and digestive system calm down. Liberty's foster mom is being very careful keeping her in quarantine from human and animal contact.

UPDATE 8/20/08

Liberty's ringworm is much improved, and her hair is starting to grow back. Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau want her to complete one more round of her oral medication before starting her heartworm treatment. Her medication was adjusted so she is tolerating it well now.

UPDATE 9/11/08

Liberty’s ringworm has cleared up. She received her first heartworm treatment on 9/11. She must be kept very, very quiet and will only be able to leash walk.

UPDATE 11/5/08

Liberty received her second and third injections for her heartworms on October 8 and October 9. Her foster home is keeping her very quiet, and she is tolerating this treatment. It will be 60 days from the date of this last treatment before she can be tested to see if she is heartworm negative at that time.

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