Chuck Chuck

Chuck, aka DZChuck Wagon, is a stunning 3-year-old brindle male born November 17, 2001. His sire is Splishin Vallie and his dam is MI Hello My Love. Chuck’s racing career consists of 74 races, starting June 27, 2003 at Shoreline, finally ending November 24, 2004 at Valley Race Park with a severe broken hock.

Dr. Jeff Ellis has referred him to the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center. Chuck sustained a fractured right ankle, which translates to a Grade IV central tarsal bone fracture with medial intertarsal instability. He is under the care of Dr. Robert Radasch, and his surgery is scheduled for Monday, January 24, 2004. To complicate matters, he has a severe soft tissue ulcerated wound from the cast rubbing on the bone of digit number IV. Dr. Radasch is recommending for the repair/fusion of the central tarsal bone region, they will have to arthrodese the area with a lag screw and/or small plate. Because of the severe soft tissue wound, an external circular fixator will be used, which will be on for approximately 6-8 weeks after surgery. The estimated cost of Chuck’s surgery is approximately $1800.

Update 1/25/05

Chuck's surgery on January 24 went well. The best news of all is that the severe soft tissue ulcerated wound was healed, so an external circular fixator did not have to be used. Dr. Radasch made an anterior medial approach to the central tarsal bone. The remnants of the fractured bone were identified. Articular cartridge was removed from the distal aspect of the talus, the proximal numbered tarsal bones and the central tarsal bone. The large medial slab was replaced anatomically and held in position with a single 2.7mm lag screw. The anterior segment could not be repositioned and was removed. Cancellous bone was harvested from the proximal tibia and packed into the defects from removal of the anterior bone segment. Following routine closure, the limb was placed in a lateral splint. A cast was then put on and will remain for 10-14 weeks with an x-ray at 8 weeks.

Update 2/4/05

Chuck is getting along okay with his cast, and is having his bandage and cast changed every 7 days to keep a close watch for any soft tissue wounds. Chuck's stitches have just been removed. His foster mom and dad are monitoring his activity level very carefully to keep it to a minimum at this time.

Update 3/31/05

Chuck's cast came off on Monday, March 28! He is not using his leg very much right now, which is totally expected. Dr. Radasch says it will probably be several weeks before we start to see Chuck using it as a weight-bearing leg. There are several sores to heal, which will be a lot easier now that the air can get to them. Chuck is scheduled to be neutered, et al in the next two weeks, and then he is off to find his FOREVER HOME!

Chuck (aka, Chuckwagon, Chuckles, Chuckalator) is turning into our favorite foster very quickly! He has the lovable greyhound spirit and is such an easy dog to care for, even with his broken leg. He stands still for just about everything--toe nail clippings, putting a bag on his leg so he can go potty, can do anything to him!

Chuck hasn't even thought about having cross words with his canine foster siblings--he even loves to snuggle up next to them at night. He has yet to be cat or small animal tested, but during his numerous trips to the surgery center he's encountered many a small dog with no incident.

One thing I'd like to stress is that this dog doesn't get hyped up about ANYTHING except mealtime and when we come home. Basically, this is a boy that is the exception to the "don't wake a sleeping greyhound" rule...NOTHING bothers him. It's a constant struggle for my husband and I to tell ourselves we can't keep him--we want to so bad, though! He is by far our favorite foster (of any breed) that we haven't kept.   ;)

If you're looking for a loving, full-of-life companion, hop on the Chuckwagon Train!

Chuck's Foster Mom