Chester Chester

Chester came to GALT's family on Sunday, November 1, 2009, when he was only 7 weeks old (see puppy pictures below), by way of dedicated volunteers who met a GUR in Arkansas. He was born on September 9, 2009, to an "oops" litter. His dam is HDM Janice, who is a beautiful red fawn female. GALT had been contacted inquiring if Chester could be accepted into the GALT family, as he is a special needs puppy due to his left rear leg suffering some kind of trauma. It turns outward and there is no flexibility in any of his joints in this leg.

He was evaluated by Dr. Jeff Ellis of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital, and then referred to Dr. Bob Radasch of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center. Dr. Radasch's evaluation and recommendation, concurred by Dr. Ellis, is amputation of Chester's left rear leg. X-rays showed Chester suffered a fractured femur in his left hip. How and when this occurred is unknown. In addition to this fracture he has now developed "tie down" where his knee is frozen and does not bend or move. He does not appear to be in any pain.

Chester's surgery is scheduled for Thursday, April 15, 2010.

Updates will be posted on his recovery, so check back regularly, and keep this sweet, sweet boy in your thoughts and heart for a rapid healing.

Click on puppy pictures below for a larger image.


Update 4/15/10

Chester's two hour amputation surgery was performed today by Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau. The tissue surrounding his crippled leg was fibrous scar tissue indicating severe trauma. Chester's vital signs remained strong with minimal bleeding. As of 8 pm he was resting quietly.


Update 4/18/10

Chester is doing very well after the surgery with minimal bleeding and swelling! Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau were so pleased with his progress, that he was dismissed from the hospital on Saturday, to be cared for by his first foster mom.


Chester walked in the house as if he remembered being here as a very young puppy of 8 wks. He knew exactly where to go, was excited and his tail was going a mile a minute. He was extremely happy to see the other dogs as if he remembered them. He is being kept isolated from them (I'm afraid they may knock into his leg) but they meet through the baby gate. I have a crate set up in the guest bedroom, but it is open so he has the guest bedroom and a hall adjacent to the kitchen with a bed set up closest to the kitchen, and he can see what is happening in the house and meet and greet the other dogs. He lies on the bed and watches the kitchen activities. He is learning the possibilities of balancing his body as a tripod and is doing very well. He has good traction on the various types of flooring. His appetite has not been affected at all, and Chester is devouring all his meals!! Chester is very comfortable and not in any discomfort at all. I think if I let him off lead he would run like the wind. He even wants to jump up but I have to restrain him. I am just letting him out on short potty breaks on lead, so he is having some accidents which are expected. I have to get in synch with his time zones. He slept very good last night and cried out in the morning to let me know I better get in gear and take him out. He is such a happy boy, very loving and affectionate. He looks up to our faces and is just a ham. The family that adopts Chester gets the happiest boy on earth. He is a true sweetheart and brave kid.

Chester's Foster Mom, Amy

Update 4/23/10

Chester is doing well in his recovery. His amputation incision is healing well, and he would soar over mountains if he could! His foster mom, Amy, is having such a time keeping him quiet. Easier said than done!

Dr. Bob Radasch of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center examined Chester's right rear leg yesterday to make sure all his weight was not causing undo stress to this limb. We are relieved to report, that all appears to be normal. Please continue to keep Chester in your hearts and thoughts.

Update 4/27/10


Chester is doing amazingly well. There is noted improvement in his balance, and we have been going on short walks several times during the day (and night). He is ready to "tear out". We have been on several outings, and he is just a ham, soaking up attention wherever he goes. He loves to ride in the car and just lays down. It is probably the only place where he actually isn't jumping all over the place. He is as playful as always and loves to meet with the other dogs. His incision has healed and in a few days the stitches will be removed. It will be great day for Chester, as he will loose the 'Cone of Shame', the e-collar. He is a terrific, happy boy.

Update 4/30/10

With the stitches removed, e-collar banished and freedom restored, Chester has returned to full activity. He has been hopping all over the place, visiting the entire household. He is so funny. Nothing scares this one. No dog can even attempt to put him in his place. All he wants to do is to have everyone happy, playing and out of breath. He loves to go into his crate when tired with some toys to keep him busy until he falls asleep. Chester is walking several times a day outdoors. Nothing can stop him from enjoying every minute.

Chester had a special guest yesterday. His previous foster mom, who so lovingly raised him throughout the past 5 months, visited him with a special toy gift. Of course he was so excited and showed off how well he gets around inside and outdoors. What a greyt visit!

Bless this little boy. He pulled through his ordeal like a real trooper. Now onward to find his forever family!!

Update 5/7/10

Today I received that one dreaded telephone call from GALT: "Can you please take a picture of foster Chester." Yes..... that should be an easy one. Take one said active greyhound named Chester, puppy no less, and make him stand still for barely the blink of an eye or blink of the shutter actually. Piece of cake.

When the 'request' came in, I thought: Give me anything greyhound - give me the weak and weary, the ones that aren't potty trained, that have diarrhea, hate crates, barkers, whiners, the movers and shakers (move my furniture and shake the daylights out of stuffies), but please don't require that I take a photograph.

Now I admit, I am invariably the world's worst photographer. I was not meant to preserve the present for the future. I cannot be at "one" with a camera. Not in my Karma. The only success would be with a Polaroid instant, and only because EVERYONE'S pictures came out bad and distorted.

Out I went with Chester, heart pounding and blood pressure rising. I got a bunch of Chester's body parts while in flight. Maybe I can send those and some computer-genius-geek-person can paste them together to make one greyhound. When finally there was an acceptable picture, I realized it was in front of the garbage cans. Doesn't leave a positive lasting impression. Got tons of pictures with background and no Chester in sight. "Chester you are supposed to be a down-on-his-luck greyhound puppy post-op leg amputation, not a Cirque de Soleil contortionist, now please play the part."

So this is my compromise: Chester will attend GALT's upcoming Birthday Party on May 15, 2010. If some of you are still on the fence about whether to attend or not, I hope you will come to see Chester in all his puppyhood glory. He is such a happy, fun boy. You won't be disappointed. And don't forget to bring your cameras and get me off the hook.

P.S. Chester's latest antics - he submerses his entire head in the water bowl and then throws his head up, flinging H2O like an elephant at a water hole in Africa.

I even think I see him smile.

Chester is actually a retriever! He loves to throw toys, balls, at the other dogs and waits for them to throw them back. We do the "other dogs part" and throw the toys and he retrieves.

Life is good.