Helen, aka BGR Hellrhiwater, is a two year old red fawn female born July 15, 2018. Helen's sire is Boc's Tony Romo and her dam is Boc's Tomboy. She had promise of quite a career, but it was cut short with an injury on her 39th race. Helen had surgery on October 1, 2020, performed at Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center with an external fixator being put in place. She was kept very quiet in her foster home while she healed, and now she's finally ready to start her forever home search! Helen is cat tolerant.

Helen (aka: Baby Helen, Baby Helena, Bubs Hubs, Helena Bobena) is a super sweet, loving girl that likes to be near her humans. When Helen first came to us, she found comfort sitting on the couch, and then she discovered the joys of big snuggly beds. She loves her snuggly beds so much that if her housemate is on her favorite one, she will stand and whine until her foster mom does a doggie switcharoo with the beds. Snuggly is a theme with Helen and she likes to be snuggly warm. She does not care much for being outside in the cold weather. She will go out, do her business, play for just a minute, and then is ready to come back inside to the warmth. Helen has worn jammies almost the entire time she has been with us, and will shiver a bit when her jammies are in the wash, so they are always put right back on...and she looks crazy adorable in her jammies!

Helen crates easily and will sometimes seek solace in her crate when her housemate gets too wild. She sleeps in her crate every night with the door closed and will easily go in when her foster parents need to run errands. Helen is a good eater and loves any treats that are not vegetables. She knows when her foster parents try to slip vegetables in as a treat. She uses a slow feeder at mealtimes to help slow her eating. Otherwise, she will inhale her food. Helen loves chew bones such as bully sticks and elk antlers, and is just now discovering how fun it can be to throw her toys around.

Helen LOVES her walkies! As soon as the leash comes out, she starts dancing around. If the leash is hanging over a doorknob, she will go up and nose it, hoping to get an extra walk for the day. She walks very well on a leash, only pulling or stalling on occasion, typically if something catches her eye.

Helen would prefer a calm home where there is not too much chaos or too many loud noises. She is very laid back, and gets nervous with too much going on. Helen has come to accept the delivery trucks going past the house, but she doesn’t care much for the garbage truck. Helen will play with her crazy housemate on occasion, though she would prefer a home with an older dog, a very calm dog, or might like to be the only dog.

You can’t ask for a better girl!

Helen's Foster Parents