Heart, aka Lonely Heart, is a 9 year old black female born September 29, 2009. Her sire is Dauntless and her dam is Gabby's Penny. Heart has 104 races on record in Florida from 2011 to 2013. She then went on to have two litters of puppies - one litter of 7 in 2014 and one litter of 5 in 2015. She's had quite the career and is very ready for that comfy forever home to come along and ease her lonely heart. Heart has not yet been tested with cats or small dogs.

There are a number of websites, including, that allow you to trace the pedigree and racing history of registered greyhounds by looking up their racing name or their sire and dam.

Her name may be Heart, though we call her Sweetheart because she is such an affectionate girl! We occasionally catch her trying to get on the couch so she can cuddle with someone and discourage that while in her foster home. She will follow her people around the house, even sleep on the floor, instead of her bed, so long as she can stay close to someone.

She is very playful, loves her toys, and never denies a treat! She is not picky about who she plays with and will do her best to encourage visitors to play with her also. She is not scared during thunderstorms, as long as she has someone to snuggle with.

Heart has no issues with her leash. Getting her in her crate can be more difficult, and she is fine once she gets in it. We have been working on that with treats and toys, and she is making progress!

She is not one to steal food from the counter, but she might keep an eye on you the whole time you eat a meal. Heart talks to us quite a bit. She and her foster brother have some interesting and long conversations rooing at each other.

Heart will be a great companion for those looking for a loyal cuddle bug.

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