Hazel is a 2-year-old red female with a dark muzzle born in January 2010. Her tattoos are still being researched, but she is marked as the 'C' pup in her litter. This serene girl is sure to charm you with her dark muzzle and contrasting white feet!

Hazel has passed her initial cat test and she is also fine with small dogs.

Hazel is a sweet, outgoing girl who loves to chase, and be chased by, our Jack Russell puppy. When not vigorously playing with her toys or her playmate, she is searching for someone's knee to rest her head on. Though not a "Velcro dog" she loves to be with people and will get herself in some pretty awkward positions in order to press her head against her you. She is a roacher (lays on her back), which is adorable! She loves long walks and is quite good on a leash. She is very tolerant of our neighbor's very small, very hyper dog that eagerly jumps on her face when they meet during walks. Hazel is a beautiful, loyal and caring dog who, I believe, is capable of thriving in almost any environment, as long as she has a person she can love.

Hazel's Foster Dad