Havasu Havasu

Havasu, aka AMW Havasu, is a 6½-year-old white/brindle beautiful female, born August 20, 1996. Havasu has been a brood matron and has had several litters, the latest being April 2001. She was a Grade A & AA racer at Wheeling, West Virginia prior to her brooding days. She, like Cutter, has an outstanding grand sire, HB’s Commander. Havasu has a very calm nature and sweet temperament, and is ready for her forever home! Havasu loves children and other dogs, but is NOT cat tolerant.


Havasu should be named Happy Sue: she is a joyful, happy, silly, funny, beautiful girl. Her propeller tail is always wagging, and she thinks every day is a party just for her! Even though she's a brood matron, she isn't interested in being alpha, she just wants to love and hug and kiss. Havasu especially loves children and other dogs, but is NOT cat tolerant.

If you hate June bugs, this is your girl... she loves catching and eating them! You will never have a June bug in your home or anywhere in your yard again! She will fetch a tennis ball, and tries to bury her stuffies in the yard but always forgets to dig a hole... you'll find stuffies just lying on the ground with a few leaves or twigs covering them. She will love you completely and unconditionally, and teach you how wonderful each and every day is. This is one very special girl who needs a home that will give her the love she deserves.

Havasu's Foster Mom
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