Hart Hart

Hart, aka BF Captive Hart, is a small, dark brindle, two-year-old female, born August 26, 2000. Hart is a spunky girl who did not qualify for the race track, but is a top qualifier when it comes to being a companion pet. She has a large bow-shaped scar on the middle of her back; it is a puppy scar that she got when she was 6 months old from one of her brothers who was exhibiting his top dog personality, causing a large rip. With her dark brindle coloring, it is not readily noticeable. It has not been determined if she is small animal or cat friendly at this time.

She is a sweetHART who after only two weeks is still a little shy. She is now to the point that she'll actually take a treat from my hand, and that is a big step in trust for her. She enjoys a good scratch or brushing now and then, but we have found her feet to be a little more than ticklish. She plays with all the fuzzy toys and loves to go for walks in the neighborhood! Anytime I am away from home, she spends her time crated, and she is always very happy to see me when I return. She hasn't had any accidents in the house, and sleeps through the night just fine out of her crate. Hart loves to is important for her to have all sorts of chewy toys, rawhide toys....she is being monitored to make sure she doesn't latch on to something she shouldn't!

Hart's Foster Mom
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