Happy Happy

Happy, aka Paducah Happy, is a beautiful, almost 5-year-old blue brindle female, born February 17, 2003. Her sire is TX's Badger, making her grand sire P's Raising Cain, and her dam is TX's Mo Honey. Happy's career consists of 168 races starting September 24, 2005, at Seabrook, moving to Corpus Christi and finishing December 30, 2007, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen. Happy is exactly as her name implies – just "happy" to be and ready to find her forever home!

Happy's cat test: Happy wasn't interested in the cat, which was a big surprise because she's such at go-getter. She wants to go-go-go! Doesn't matter where, just as long as it's forward, someplace else, not here...she must've been the first one out of the starting gate in her racing days. Kitty: boring, whatever, next room. Oh look! There's a window! She has not met small dogs yet.


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