Hansen is an estimated 2 year old dark brindle male whippet. Hansen was found as a stray by Dallas Animal Services, and GALT was contacted to take him in. He is undergoing medical evaluation and is awaiting evaluation with cats or small animals. Please check back often for updates.

Hansen is a sweeeeeeet quiet boy with a soft personality. He LOVES his crate and does not appear to have separation anxiety. A loud boisterous home would probably cause him some stress, though he will engage with moderate happy home activity levels. Hansen does have the potential to be an only-dog. He would also do well as an apartment / condo dog if his family is patient with his potty needs. Hansen is a shy boy and prefers to do his business in quiet private areas.

Hansen walks well on the leash, rides well in the car and enjoys squeaky toys. Though let it be known that Hansen is a jumper! Now that he has recovered from his injury he is feeling like Superman. Hansen is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound; he easily hopped over a 34" indoor gate while standing on ceramic tile flooring. Because of his vertical acumen, this little guy should be supervised when outside and fencing should be high enough to prevent escape (6 ft minimum). It’s possible Hansen's jumping skills played a role in his becoming a stray prior to coming to GALT.

I am envious of the family that gets to adopt Hansen. His home manners are impeccable and he’s is a lover too! Not to mention that he is absolutely adorable!

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