Hannah Hannah

Hannah, aka Goshen Hannah, is a beautiful, 4½-year-old black female born October 17, 2004. Her sire is the Irish-bred Spiral Nikita and her dam is Fastest Bow Wow. Hannah was quite the contender with 101 races to her credit beginning April 20, 2006, at Corpus Christi, TX, and finishing there on December 29, 2007. Hannah was adopted soon thereafter, but alas, it was not to be Hannah's forever home. She was returned, along with Ashley, through absolutely no fault of her own.

Hannah’s cat test: Hannah passed her cat test. She got a good sniff of the cat and that was all she needed to be OK with it. She saw both Nigel and Lila in action and wasn’t interested in pursuing when off-leash and without a muzzle.


Hannah is a very beautiful, 4½-year-old female with a sweet, loving, and joyful disposition. She is sleek, shiny, and silky-soft.

Hannah knows how to be a loving pet. She loves to lie on the soft grass in the sun, but call her name and she is up and ready for anything you have in mind. She will get very excited when it is time to eat and loves to go on walks and for rides in the car.

Hannah is an easy-going girl; she will let you clip her nails, brush her teeth, and clean her ears. She loves to be brushed, and will lean her head on you and listen to you tell her how wonderful and pretty she is.

She would be an excellent first greyhound in a home with or without other pets, as long as she has her people she will be content to share her life with you.

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