Hank is a red male estimated to be 2 years old. He was found as a stray in Fort Worth. He arrived with a large wound on his rear hip. He also tested positive to the tick-borne disease Ehrlichia Canis. His wound has healed up thanks to excellent foster and vet care, and he is under treatment for the Ehrlicia. Hank should not live with cats, small animals, or other male dogs.

Update 6/1/2021: Hank has successfully completed treatment and is looking for his forever home!

Though we haven’t done a DNA test, we believe Hank is probably a saluki/greyhound mix. And is he is drop dead gorgeous! His eyes are golden, almost hazel. I keep thinking I see green or blue in them. He has soft, floppy saluki-like ears, and he does that characteristic saluki gesture: crossing his front paws. He’s a redhead with a coat unlike any you’ve seen. His fur is almost luminescent and seems to glow from within.

Hank uses the doggy door at will. He has perfect house manners. He’s never had an accident in the house, doesn’t mark inside and only wore a belly band for about 30 minutes when he first arrived. Hank is a playful young man. He enjoys playing tug of war with my 10-lb chihuahua mix and with his other foster sisters. He waits patiently for his dinner and does not try to take anyone else’s food. He sleeps through the night on his side of my bed. He’s a vocal boy, exclaiming when he yawns, giving verbal greetings sometimes. While I have not witnessed this myself, I am told he howls when I leave the house and leads the pack in a brief roo-fest.

Even though Hank came in as a stray and we can’t even guess at what his life was like before coming to GALT, he is optimistic, happy and friendly. I am an Airbnb host and sometimes have a different guest every night. He greets them all with enthusiasm and wants to get to know them. He does not feel the same way about other dogs. He is reactive to other dogs while on a leash and doesn’t want to share his home with male dogs. He is respectful and well behaved around females, especially older ones.

Hank’s ideal home would allow him to be the country squire he was born to be. He would love to have a big yard where he can hunt squirrels and look after his own exercise needs. He’d like to have a mini harem of older females – large or small. He would enjoy respectful, dog experienced children 10+ years old who will play tug of war or throw the ball for him. Need a good work at home officemate? Hank is your guy. Want to look up and find a Rudolph-Valentino gorgeous dog watching you? That's Hank!

Hank's Foster Mom