Halo is an estimated 6 year old black female born in 2015. GALT has no information on her her-itage. She was surrendered to FWACC before being turned over to GALT. She appears to have had puppies at some point. Halo is being evaluated medically. Halo is not cat tolerant.

Halo is an extremely spry and playful 6.5 year old. We don't know much about her past, though it's apparent that before she came to GALT she had never lived in a house. House training and leash walking are new skills that she continues to master. She navigates the doggie door quite effortlessly, and goes out most of the time when she needs to potty.

Halo is quite agile and can effortlessly jump from the ground to a 3 foot outdoor counter in one leap, and to the next level in a second step. Halo's forever home will need a yard or enclosed space with at least a 6 foot fence - and nothing nearby to jump up and over the fence. This sweet girl is extremely prey driven so she definitely would NOT be cat tolerant or small animal friendly...squirrels beware!

While she has also grown very attached to one of our girls and enjoys having a playmate, we feel her connection to people is stronger and Halo could do well as an "only". She enjoys playing with toys though it’s more fun when she can steal that toy from one of her sisters. Halo can be protective of her treat, food, brushing chew, toy, etc., when her sisters better not try to take them and will growl if another hound walks by a toy or treat she’s playing with/eating. We're being vigilant about keeping the counters clear of anything enticing to curtail potential counter surfing, which could probably be an issue if given the opportunity.

Halo has an EXCELLENT appetite and enjoys treats as well, however treats haven’t proven effective as a training tool. She responds much more effectively to praise rather than treats when we are working on training. She takes to an extra large crate extremely well and does not fuss or cry when crated. Also, when left alone, she waits patiently, staring at the door quietly until her humans come home.

Learning to walk on a lead is taking some effort. Halo is a strong girl and leash training has been challenging. We are walking her separately so as not to distract our own hounds, and to provide our full attention to Halo when she’s on the leash. She is learning, and responds to the “heel” command.

Remarkably Halo does not have an issue with loud noises! She's been through multiple thunderstorms and the 4th of July holiday fireworks and wasn't phased by any of these events.

Halo Is a good traveler, and rides in the car well once she settles down. There are just too many interesting things to look at, so it can take a few minutes before she settles.

Since day 1, Halo has been a “master roacher” and can’t wait to roach her way right onto your couch and into your heart! ❤️

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