Haley Haley

Haley, aka DJ Whitecap, is a white with brindle ticking 2-year-old female, born January 14, 2001. Haley, along with Brindy, is from the Waco Humane Society Shelter, and it is not known how they arrived there. Haley’s short racing career lasted from January 16, 2003 to February 21, 2003 in Corpus Christi. She obviously is not a winner on the track, but she just hit the jackpot as far as we can tell! Haley is in a very special foster home where she is receiving the TLC and special attention she needs to heal her scrapes, scratches and soothe her skin. Once that is accomplished, she will transform into one beautiful girl!

It is not known at this time if Haley is small animal or cat tolerant.


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