Gypsy, fka Gypsy Girl, is a 3 year old blue brindle female born on July 22, 2018. Her sire is B’s O’Grady and her dam is Amazing Chesney. She ran a respectable 67 races before retiring. Gypsy is sister to GALT’s Ginger. She is cat tolerant.

Gypsy is a very shy, incredibly sweet, and smart girl that will keep you on your toes. She would do best in a quiet home with a patient family, because she is very easily startled. She’s a doggie Chicken Little, constantly concerned if the sky might fall. Especially windy days, sudden noises from the TV, or the ceiling fan on above her head all cause her to flinch. She absolutely needs a harness or thunder leash when out on walks, because she can get so worked up that she will try to pull out of her collar. She can startle while sleeping, so for this reason, we would recommend she be adopted to a home with older children. Everything she encounters for the first time is scary, but with patience, routine, and consistency, she has really blossomed in our home.

All that aside, once this lovely girl has settled down into your home, she is a real delight. She is incredibly happy and has the most adorable tail wag, that looks something like a propeller. She will happily trot around the house with a toy dangling from her mouth before burying every toy possible under her bed. She loves her crate and will choose to go in on her own whenever she needs her own space. Gypsy loves to nest and spends most of her day happily sleeping. She does well when we are away, staying for a full work day by herself (with her greyhound foster brother) without any potty accidents. We give her full reign of our house when we’re away and sometimes she will steal items off of the couch or the low table, so make sure you pick things up before leaving her out!

Gypsy is very food motivated. Turkey was the first way we won her over, now she has graduated to a bite or two of apple, banana, cheese, and peanut butter (the last being her absolute favorite). I had a real joy working with her to lick peanut butter off my finger without taking my finger with her! She is incredibly smart, having already picked up her name and commands such as “go to your house,” “lie down,” and “out” (as in, leave the kitchen). She also does not dart through doors when going outside for pottying or walks. However, if she gets startled or spooked, all bets are off. She no longer comprehends English or any commands. Patience is key with Gypsy.

She has the softest belly fur and loves when you scratch her belly, rub her ears, or give her kisses on her snoot. She will put her cold, wet nose directly on you and shower you with kisses when you first get up in the morning. She shows no aggression to kitties, dogs, or people, even when she’s spooked. She is very playful. Even though she doesn’t quite know how to play with toys with people, she is only a little ways away from figuring that out. She wants to be with you, to love you, to be loved, and to do anything that will make you happy. She just needs a patient hand to remind her that the leaf blowing in the wind is not a scary monster.

Gypsy's Foster Family