Gumbo is a 2-year-old white & brindle male born in May 2010. has no record of his litter at this time and we are researching his tattoos with the NGA. This stunning boy can't wait to meet you!

Gumbo's Cat Test: Gumbo is a big NO for kitties. He was curious and got in a sniff at the beginning. Yup, that's definitely something he wants. He was even vocal about it. Lila wasn't even moving on my desk and he spotted her on the way out. Sighthound indeed!

Gumbo is a lover boy. He loves to give kisses, especially to my 4 year old daughter. He keeps tabs on her throughout the day. He loves to have his ears rubbed and will "melt" when you do this. He loves to go in the backyard to chase squirrels, but he needs a high fence as he tries to climb/jump on ours in hot pursuit of one. He ADORES his squeaky toys, he's been known to throw them up and catch them for long periods of time.

Gumbo has never had an accident in the house - he is awesome about going outside to do his business. He comes to get us, or stands by the door when he needs to go out.

Gumbo would love to be in a home with kids to kiss and play with and a yard to run in. He'll want you to play with him as soon as you get home, right after he's gone outside and done his business. He really is the perfect dog, and would just ease right into any kind of routine a family has going. He likes to be in the same room as you are, and will follow us around the house. However, we've trained the dogs to stay out of the eating area when we are eating our meals.

Gumbo's Foster Mom