Grover is an estimated 2 year old, male, white and fawn greyhound mix. He was found as a stray and taken in by the Tulia Animal Control Department before being turned over to GALT. Grover's DNA panel shows that he is a Greyhound and Siberian Husky mix - tall, fluffy boy! It is not known at this time if Grover will be small animal or cat tolerant.

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Grover is a fuzzy, loveable and playful greyhound hiding in a small Husky body. He has a tiger striped brindle face and white plush coat. Per his DNA report his is a mix breed with Husky and Greyhound and he lives up to the hype. He can roach, nap and lay in uncomfortable positions like the best of greyhounds yet he is extremely playful, gives constant kisses and has likes to talk (not bark) like a Husky. He loves to be with people and will frequently follow us from room to room, lay at our feet and show us his belly in search of pets. He will cuddle on the couch or bed if he is allowed, but respects space if told to do so. He is an avid chewer of toys and likes lots of stuffies. He gets along greyt with out other greyhound and they frequently race and wrestle. He has not had an accident since we brought him into our house and while he doesn't mind the car, he will try and ride in the front seat if you let him.

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