Greyson Greyson

Greyson is an 18-month-old red male, born June 2, 2006. Greyson's sire is Dodgem By Design, making his grand sire Gable Dodge, and his dam is DK Sugartime, making his grand sire Molotov. Greyson was not individually registered with the NGA, so it was thought from early on that he was not a racing candidate, but he sure is pet material!

Greyson is a pretty submissive boy, and his cat test was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I walked Greyson up to Molly and she was sitting tall on her rear with her tail twitching and she did not seem concerned about Greyson being a new greyhound in the house (like she usually is), but she did give a little hiss. Greyson slowing lowered his head right in front of her, almost to the floor (like he was bowing to her) and then he slowly turned and walked away. He hardly looked at either cat after that, and Molly was totally fine with him walking close to her later. Sweet Greyson is cat tolerant.

Greyson has not had one accident in the house and already goes to the back door and stands when he needs to go out. What a smart boy!! When you correct him for maybe putting his nose on the counter or picking up something with his mouth that he shouldn't, he responds very quickly but seems to get his feelings hurt and looks at you so sadly like "I didn't mean any harm by what I did!" He is a sweet, loving, tender-hearted boy!

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