Grant is estimated to be a 2 1/2 year old brindle greyhound. Grant is not tattooed and was found by a good Samaritan in Milfay, OK. With the help of a band of GALT Volunteers, Grant was moved to Dallas. He has tested with a positive titer to Ehrlichia Canis, and treatment has been implemented. It will be at least 8 weeks of medication before he will be retested. It is not known at this time if Grant is small animal or cat tolerant.

Update June 28, 2020: Grant's Ehrlichia Canis has cleared up and he is ready for his forever home

Grant is the ultimate social butterfly. He loves people and other dogs. He has never met a stranger and endears himself to all he meets. His tail is always wagging. Grant is very easy going, there isn't much that bothers him except not being with his people. He is great with kids and laps up the attention they bestow upon him. Grant doesn't mind big dogs or little dogs and has tried to make friends with cats he meets on his walks (so far none of those cats have accepted his invitation).

Grant doesn't need to be crated when he's left alone though he tends to take his stress out on plastic bags, cardboard and any food he can find. He has not chewed up anything of importance so it isn't a big deal. Grant has good house manners after the initial settling in time (all normal for being in a new house). He does not eat much, though if food is left out he much prefers people food to his dog food.

Grant enjoys playing with the kids and running around outside with his canine companions. He's not as playful inside, preferring the luxury of a dog bed and being near his people. Grant is such a handsome hound with unusual coloring, a lovely personality and he's ready to find his forever family.

Grant's Foster Family

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