Gracie, aka MRL Race Nite, is a 7-year-old light brindle female born November 26, 2006. Her sire is USS Raceway and her dam is Fuzzys Flagwaver. Gracie has 78 races in Florida on record at, starting in October 2008 and finishing up in July 2010. Since then she has had four litters of puppies! One in January 2011 with sire Trent Lee, one in March 2012 with sire Flying Culloden, one in November 2012 with sire Iruska All Star, and the final one just six weeks ago in February 2014 with sire Little Andy. This beautiful girl has more than earned a quiet family to retire with!

Gracie should not live with cats.

Gracie is doing as well at being a companion dog as she was as a racer and a mom. She came quietly into the house with lovely manners, housebroken, and walking nicely on a leash. She likes toys, sunbathing, roaching (rolling over on her back), and treats, but she really loves rawhides. She gets along beautifully with her two greyhound foster brothers. They all sleep through the night switching beds quietly without incident during the night. The boys both turn into quivering blobs during thunderstorms. Gracie is more proactive and goes to the back door and barks at the thunder. She is so sweet, I think she might just be barking to make it go away to help the boys out! Gracie is a pleasure to have around. She fits in so well. She could fit in with almost any family.

Gracie's Foster Mom

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