Grace, aka River Torch, is a stunning 4-year-old fawn female born May 10, 2000. Grace's sire is River Bed, an Australian bred greyhound, and her dam is River Touchy. Grace's black masked face gives her quite an unusual look. Grace is shy and is slowly but surely acclimating to the retired life. It is not known at this time if Grace is small animal or cat tolerant.

Grace is an absolutely beautiful small fawn girl with big brown eyes who, for unknown reasons, is painfully shy. She needs a very patient home with someone who is willing to gently coax her out of that shyness, and it will undoubtedly take months. She may always be a little shyer than most.

Talk about a low-maintenance girl - she's it! Other than her walk during the day, which she absolutely loves, she rarely moves around, preferring to lay on her bed and snooze.

Since coming to our home, she's made real progress - it's been slow but rewarding. Initially she would not even come out of the bedroom and turned her face to the wall when we approached. Now she actually comes when she hears the leash jingle - she's ready for her walk. That doesn't sound like a big deal but initially, she would tremble in her bed when we approached her with a leash or even to feed her. Small steps, but progress none the less and it's ongoing.

New experiences or people are very scary to her and you can feel her tense up. She's never been aggressive in her frightened state.

She gets along beautifully with other dogs and is most likely cat tolerant. She loves to be petted and get affection.

When we're away, her real personality must come out because we find all kinds of squeaky stuffies in her bed...and she's done some counter-surfing! However, as soon as we return, she retreats to her bed.

She's as sweet as she can be and yips when excited - she so desperately wants to come out of her shell but just can't seem to let herself relax yet. It will come with patience and love and when it does, you'll be rewarded with a loyal and loving friend.

Grace's Foster Mom
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