Gordon Gordon

Gordon, aka Dakota's Gordon, is a 5-year-old red male born May 18, 2008. His sire is Stan's Boy Flyer, making his grand sire the late Gable Dodge, and his dam is Myokie Amber. Gordon's brief racing career of 15 races came to a halt on July 7, 2010, at Gulf Greyhound Park in LaMarque, TX when he fractured his right rear hock. Gordon had surgery performed by Dr. Fulton Reaugh of the Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center on Monday, July 19. The right central tarsal bone was reduced and stabilized with a 2.7mm screw placed from medial to lateral and a 2.0mm screw placed from palmar to plantar. These screws, as with all greyhounds that have had surgery to repair broken bones, may have to be removed some time in the future if irritation occurs. Gordon was in a home for two years, but has returned to GALT due to a change in family circumstances and no fault of his own.

Gordon is cat tolerant. He is currently undergoing treatment for corns on the bottom of his pads with Dr. Dennis Crow of the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic. He is taking daily medication as well as periodic hulling of the corns. It is hopeful that the corns will subside in time.


Gordon has become known as Bobblehead in our house because he loves to come up to us as we lounge in our recliners and bob his head up and down until we pet him, teeth chattering away the whole time. You can't help but reach out and love on this beautiful red boy, too. He has a sweet, loving personality and just the right amount of spunk. He's not a hyper dog by any means, but he would fit into an active life very well. Gordon gets along well with the other dogs in our house and loves to run around the backyard with everyone else when someone thinks they've spied a squirrel. He occasionally plays with our active 3-year-old greyhound, but most of his time is spent passed out on a dog bed. Gordon sleeps all night on a dog bed in our bedroom and has free rein of the house when we're home. We do crate him without protest when we leave, but it's not necessary. We do it just to keep him in the habit. Gordon is pretty food motivated and would probably excel in obedience. Gordon would make the best companion for the active person/couple/family who also wants to have a sweet, lovable boy to lounge around with at night.

Gordon's Original Foster Mom

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