Goosey, aka Lucy Is Goosey, is a 1½-year-old black female born on December 4, 2009. Her sire is Phenomenal Dream and her dam is KB's Sin City. Goosey has no races to her credit on, chosing instead to embark early on the search for her forever home. She is full sister to Dreamer and has the same sire as Becky.

Goosey is cat and small dog tolerant.

Goosey is such a little goose! She's a petite girl with loads of energy. She's quite the conversationalist and is the first greyhound we've heard purr! She also chatters her teeth when she's happy. Goosey would be thrilled to have a yard to play in and a family to play with. She's such a little socialite, that she'd do best with canine companionship.

People, cats, small dogs, big dogs - Goosey is into equal-opportunity friendships. She loves toys, and will make you laugh out loud when she shakes and tosses them around and then goes running after them with a big pounce.

Goosey loves a long, jaunty walk, and will stand quietly for her leash beforehand. Car rides, however, are still a bit intimidating for her. Goosey responds well to gentle corrections when she forgets a house rule - she's young and still learning, but she's eager to please.

The crate is not Goosey's favorite location to hang out, but she's doing quite well confined to just a couple of rooms with the other dogs while we're gone. She loves to be close to us, and sometimes she makes us think we have a second shadow. Could she be your shadow?

Goosey's Foster Parents

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