Google, aka CBJ Googley Eyes, is a 3.5 year old red fawn male born on November 8, 2018. His sire is Seldom Told and his dam is Eyes Flying. He has 22 races to his credit on greyhound data. Google is one big hunk of personality. He should not live wih cats.

Are you doing a Google search to expand your pack? Look no further. While his run speeds in the yard are unparalleled, he is prone to frequent and extended outages. He has 22 races to his credit as CBJ Googley Eyes, and now he is loving retired life! He gets along well with his pack mates (and he would also be fine as an only-dog) and respects the house rules, which is a very good thing since he is counter height. He can easily rest his chin on the counter or peer over to see what was put in the sink. We are still working on his house breaking. (He wears a belly band well. No issues with poop.) He does well when we are home and we are still learning his communication cues because he is not very vocal at all. While staying at GALT’s kennel, Google had legs made of springs and could easily jump 6ft in the air, he seems to have forgotten this in our home so far. We are waiting for the springs to return and so far nothing. (We are not encouraging the return of Tigger) He does respect our baby gates that we use to restrict areas of the house - though we know he could easily clear them.

We do recommend keeping him confined when you are out to minimize any accidents. He does well in restricted areas while we are out briefly. He also sleeps well in his crate overnight. He is a very big boy and needs every bit of his 48” crate. Google is an early riser, his first cue to go out usually comes around 5:00 AM.

We work from home, so he is very used to his people being around all day and he spends his days with us in our offices snoozing away. He is a master-roacher! He loves when his squeaky toys come out at night. (No day-time squeaky toys due to conference calls.) I was told that he can kill a squeaky in under 30 seconds. I have yet to see this in action, though we closely monitor his evening squeaky play for this reason. So far he just loves to play with them and does not destroy them or un-stuff them.

While we think Google would love a canine buddy, I don’t think it is a requirement for him and would require the right fit. He does not respect others' space. He will go onto our other dog’s bed with the dog there and take a toy from him. Occasionally he is considerate enough to actually return the toy to the bed once he is done playing with it. If our other foster is on the bed Google wants, sometimes he’ll find another bed and sometimes he’ll just go and lay down next to the other dog until the other dog gets up and leaves. Most other hounds would not be okay with this behavior.

Another thing that this boy LOVES is to run in the yard. That is his favorite thing to do first thing in the morning. He needs a yard to run in. We don’t have a large yard, but it’s large enough. He also goes for daily walks which he loves. We use a harness for him since he is so large and strong. He does very well on his walks, watering all of the mailboxes and light posts along the way. He is even cliché enough to water the fire hydrants.

He is a very good eater and will finish his bowl of food at every meal. We feed him 2 cups of food twice a day. He is food motivated and is train-able. He has learned “wait” and “okay” so far. He is a bit slower on the training than others, and being food motivated helps.

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