Gina is a 1 year-old white and brindle female born May 26, 2016. Her sire is Seldom Told and her dam is Bob's Certified. Gina has not been individually registered with the NGA. Sadly, Gina broke her right rear hock at the training farm on May 10, 2017. Surgery for a comminuted right tibia fracture was performed by Dr. Robert Barstad of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center on May 11. A 16 hole DCP plate was implanted and secured by screws. Her recovery will take about 10 weeks. Gina will be kept very quiet in her foster home during this time, as the single most important component of her healing is rest. Gina is considered to be cat tolerant.

UPDATE 2/28/18

Gina's leg is fully healed and she's ready for her forever home.

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