Giddy Giddy

Giddy, aka Spitin N Agetten, is a very handsome 2½-year-old red male born October 14, 2005. His sire is Aimin By Design, making his grand sire the famous Molotov and his dam is Dlt Fast Assault, making his grand sire Gable Dodge. Giddy did not have much desire to race which is evident by his short 6-race career which began on February 15, 2008 in Harlingen, Texas, and ended in the same place on March 6, 2008. Giddy is a big, energetic boy who loves getting affection and never meets a stranger.

Giddy and the kitty: Giddy was very interested in the cats. He was not going after them in a mean way, but would always chase them when he saw them. I recommend that Giddy not live with kitties.

From Giddy's foster mom:


Giddy is an energetic and handsome boy! When he peers up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, my heart always melts. He has quickly become the life of my house with his sweet nature and playful personality. He is always entertaining and readily by my side, making him a wonderful companion and an absolute pleasure to have. Giddy is one of the most affectionate greyhounds that I have had the pleasure to foster. He LOVES attention, and baby talk gets him every time.

This sweet boy gets along perfectly with my pug and any other dog we meet on our daily walks. Giddy loves to go for walks and gets very excited whenever he sees his leash. As soon as the word "outside" is mentioned it is a race to the front door between him and my pug.  Of course, Giddy always wins. He has been so respectful of her small stature, always letting her out of the door first. I think we can say that Giddy is small dog tolerant.

Giddy is a very playful hound! He loves anything that squeaks or makes noise. I often see him throwing his toy up in the air and then running to catch it. I just shake my head and laugh when he catches me watching him and looks at me like "What?" 

Giddy is crate trained and housetrained. I am certain that he will make a wonderful addition to any home! Come meet this handsome boy and I know that you will fall in love.

Giddy's Foster Mom
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