Gertie, racing name, Atascocita Girt, is a 2 year old fawn female born May 31st, 2015. Her sire is Lonesome Cry and her dam is Atascocita Sofia. She comes to GALT from Valley Race Park in Harlingen where records show no races for her. It is not known at this time if Gertie will be small animal or cat tolerant.

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Gertie, who responds better to Gert, is a sweet, absolutely lovely light fawn greyhound with the most beautiful amber eyes, stunning eyeliner, and a soft dense coat. (Check out her videos.) Her muzzle looks as if someone put their hand in black ink and lightly stroked her nose. She is young and has the energy and joy of living of a pup. Yet being young doesn’t mean she’s destructive or overwhelming. Gert is very smart and knows the meaning of “no” and “back”. Nevertheless, when she came to GALT, she was so naive about living with people that one of the first things she had to learn was to take treats from a human’s hand and even what treats were. She had to learn what a grey does with a big comfortable dog bed (now she naps and roaches like a champ). She learned fast how to come in tight for hugs and ear scratches. She loves them. Strangers have come into the house and she greeted them with wags and head butts for attention. She does ok on stairs, carpet, tile and hardwood floors. She is a bit ribby (like a lanky teenager) and can use some fatting up. Sweet Gert is very trainable and smart. She is pretty much a blank canvas of a pup and her forever people have a chance to make her into the dog they want.

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