Georgia is an approximately 4 year old black female found as a stray in Oklahoma. She has quite the vertical leap, and needs a home with at least a 6 foot fence. Georgia should not live with cats but is fine with small dogs.

Georgia should be in a home where there are other dogs.

Besides being a black beauty, Georgia is an athlete. She loves running zoomies for eight or nine laps around the back yard. When she’s not going full tilt or exploring various aromas, she prances like a dressage pony. As mentioned about her early days with GALT, Georgia was witnessed climbing an 8’ wall like Spider Man. She spent a few weeks with a wonderful trainer as a result. She now sports a beautiful sit, and has shown zero inclination to escape her foster home. Sure, there are curiosities and another dog on the other side, but nope. She definitely prefers the home life to the stray life now.

Georgia. Loves. Balls. Tennis balls, racket balls, any other balls. She’ll chase them in the yard and house, and occasionally catch one midair. She’ll pull them out of the toy basket and toss them herself or just chew on them. She entertains herself with—and collects—all the toy goodies. Squeakers are fun, and she loves chewing the Benebones. She’s respectful of the other dogs with their toys, and the moment it’s abandoned, it’s Georgia’s. When she does have her toy of the moment, she doesn’t get grouchy protective of it if another dog happens to walk past her.

Georgia is not a Velcro hound, though she does appreciate face massages and ear rubs. She’ll hold her downward-facing-dog while you stroke the length of her back, then transition into upward-facing-dog when you stop. When she plops herself down in a dog bed, she has the most endearing groan.

Georgia lives with cats though she is inconsistent with her interest – sometimes ignoring them and other times chasing them. It’s probably best that she not live with cats in her forever home. Georgia is good with other dogs of all sizes. If you have an active house, a nice yard to run around, plenty of balls to play with and a canine companion – Georgia may be the one for you!.

Georgia's Foster Mom

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