George George

George, aka Yopon George, is a striking black almost 5-year-old male, born April 15, 1998. His sire is Flying Kirby and his dam is River Evelyn. HB's Commander is his grand-sire. George's racing career spanned from 1999 to 2002 in Corpus Christi. He is friendly, sweet and very affectionate. After all those years on the track, he deserves his forever couch.

He's a very sweet, gentle boy who is currently showing no to very slight interest in small furry animals, specifically the cats. As would be expected, he 'notices' when there is running and playing in his immediate vicinity but seems to be more curious than malicious.

As this is his first time in a home, I would have to say that he has similar characteristics to a 'bull in a china shop,'more noticeable when making turns around corners or trying to turn around between a table and a couch. He is very inquisitive and has left 'nose art' on the doors, TV, mirrors and anything else that is low enough to show either movement or his reflection. He appears to be quite enamored with himself. The name 'Curious George' would certainly fit him! He is definitely playful, but in a quiet way. What a loveable and affectionate boy!

George's Foster Mom
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