Gala is estimated to be approximately 5 years old and is a black female found as a stray in Argentina. When she was found by Argentine good Samaritans, she was emaciated and suffered from a skin condition. She was given excellent medical care, and in the many months to follow, Gala was a candidate to travel to the United States with her champion, Maria.

Gala is living with other greyhounds and a cat at this time and is doing very well.

Gala (we pronounce it gay-la) is an absolute love bug. If you're looking for a velcro gal and a dog to share your sofa, look no further. After being a stray in Argentina, this girl is highly motivated by the mere thought of food. She will lick her bowl and other's a few times a day just in case... Oh, and she is soooo clever! She has bypassed all of the counter surfing booby traps we set, so make sure you have everything put away up high (over 6ft) or child-proofed food storage areas.

Gala will definitely let you know when she wants your attention or it's dinner time starting with a whine, working up to a bark in your face with an exclamation point... just to make sure you understand, after all, she barks with an accent!

Gala is excellent on walks, in the car and using a doggie door or will ring a bell to go outside to potty. She doesn't crate well so Gala is not crated when we're out; she would bark and carry on in the crate so to reduce her stress we abandoned that.

She is cat oblivious. It's so cute to see her wag her tail dipped in white as she plays with toys, the other greys in our home, or gets excited for a treat. She's waited all her life for love and affection and offers it right back in spades.

Gala's Foster Parents