Friday, aka RR Freaky, is a 4-year-old fawn male born May 22, 2007. His sire is Greys Outbound and his dam is Lil Latin Salupe. Friday has 72 races at VictoryLand to his credit on, starting on July 29, 2009 and ending on May 12, 2011. Friday is one of five dogs that came to GALT with the closing of the track at VictoryLand. Come meet this gorgeous boy!

Friday is not cat tolerant.

Friday is an easy-going, affectionate boy who will capture your heart in a minute with those dark, soulful eyes. He adapted to our home and crating without any issues, and readily accepted Frasier as a foster brother.

We crate our fosters in our bedroom at night, as we are in the home most of the time. Friday is very compliant about that, but as soon as someone's feet touch the floor in the morning, both boys are ready to be released. Friday gets very excited about his walk, which is the first thing that happens when it is hot. Food is next, and he enjoys that, too. No leftovers! Friday loves his hugs and kisses, and will come and stand close when he feels he hasn't been getting enough. He has a calm temperament, but shows his playful side in the mornings by racing around the pool, and showing off that winning form. He learned the way around the pool to the bathroom spot very quickly, and the one time he went in the pool was because he was paying too much attention to the human folk and not watching where he was going. He can swim when he has to!

Friday is a loving boy who will fill your heart and your home.

Friday's Foster Mom

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