Freddie Freddie

Freddie, aka Seaside Freddie, is a one-year-old (as of January 25, 2002) black brindle stunning male with white markings on all four paws, his throat, chest and around his nose! He is a strikingly handsome boy! Freddie had just started his training at the farm when it was discovered that he was throwing out a rear leg, preventing him from digging in on turns.....which made him not be competitive at the race track. GALT was contacted by Freddie's owners, the Ritters (see picture on right) to see if we would accept him into our adoption program. Freddie is a warm, affectionte, fun loving boy with lots of spirit. His dam was Grey's Gold Coast and his sire was FMC's Wake Up--if you are familiar with top winning racers, you know these names!

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