Foxy Foxy

Foxy, aka JG Foxylady, is a 3½-year-old brindle female, born on January 12, 2004 to sire Craigie Whistler, and dam JG Escapade. Foxy was adopted for almost six months, but when she broke her right front leg at a local dog park on Sunday May 13, 2007, she was returned to GALT. Dr. H. Fulton Reaugh, who works with Dr. Bob Radasch at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center performed surgery the next day, repairing Foxy's right front leg where the radius and ulna were fractured using the largest bone plate along with seven screws to stabilize the leg. A splint stayed on until July 5, and she was officially released from Dr. Radasch’s care on August 9. Prior to Foxy coming into GALT's family in November 2006, she raced at Wheeling Downs in West Virginia, then on to Corpus Christi where her last of 32 races occurred in September of 2006. Foxy gets along famously with other Greyhounds, but her strong interest in cats would prevent her from coexisting in a home with kitties; however she is small dog tolerant.

Foxy is an adorable love muffin. Although quiet and tentative at Meet and Greets, at home she is outgoing, playful, and very, very loving.

When she was in her leg cast (for a broken leg), she thumped all over her first foster mom's home (tap tap tap THUD tap tap tap THUD) as if nothing was wrong. She even went up and down the stairs! She played with the other dogs (even a very hyper puppy) and carried her stuffies from room to room.

Now that she is no longer on Injured Reserve and is in her new foster mom's home, she races in and out of the dog door and plays with the other hounds and mutts. She has a metal plate in her leg, but unless she needs to travel and pass thru the airport metal detectors, you will soon forget that she ever had a broken leg.

She has never had an accident in the house, understands to go to her crate for meals (in fact, she'll make sure to go to her crate as much as possible and look at me as if to say, "Well, I don't think its dinner time, but just in case you feel like making an exception and feeding me NOW, I will gladly eat.") And, she will sit for a treat!

Foxy knows she is not allowed on beds or couches, just in case her future forever home doesn't allow this behavior; but she just can't seem to remember this rule! I catch her on the couch deep at night. I see evidence of her on my bed (stuffies) after getting home from work. She is just too cute: I see her, she sees me, she gets a look on her face like she's thinking, "Oh no! But maybe mom won't care this time, so I will just stay here and see what's what." As soon as I say "Off!" she jumps off.

Foxy gets along with all other dogs, large and small. I have noticed that she seems very cautious when some, but not all, men approach. She was also skittish when a neighborhood teen came up to us while riding a bicycle. But, with lots of love and gentle reinforcement, I think Foxy will blossom in any home.

Look at that could anyone resist? Come meet her!

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