Forrest is a 5 year old black male greyhound. He was in a home for some time but has returned to GALT through no fault of his own. It is still unknown whether he likes kitties or other small animals. Forrest has passed his medical evaluation and is looking to find his forever home.

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Forrest is a joy! He loves to play with stuffies and is the epitome of a stuffie collector. He has a huge pile of stuffies he continually moves from the house to the deck. There is no destruction, just wants them where he thinks they belong. Oh, and he has a secondary pile in a very specific spot in the back yard, too! He loves the dog door but occasionally lifts his leg in the house. A belly band helps until he learns. He loves meal times and runs to his crate to eat. He will also put himself to bed in his crate when its time for one of his many beauty naps. Forrest loves to ride in the car but sometimes wants a boost to get in. He plays well with others but doesn't seem to care if he has hound companions or not, as long as he has his stuffies and his people. Forrest seems very quiet and subdued at Meet and Greets, but is nothing like that once he's back home! Come meet him!

Forrest's Foster Mom

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