Fly, aka Fly Fireball, is a 2 year old black male born on December 10, 2019. His sire is Fly-ing Fired-up and his dam is Flying Helium. He came to GALT with his sister, Helium. Fly preferred a life of leisure so came to GALT to find his forever home. Fly should not live with cats.

Fly is an absolute cutie patootie that just wants your love! He's perfectly content to sit in your lap and be loved on for hours on end! He would be perfect for a home that likes to kick back and relax every evening--he makes a lovely movie companion provided you are willing to devote at least a little of your attention to loving on him while you watch. Fly also has the softest head I've ever felt in a dog! He has an ever present concerned facial expression that gives the impression of him having an anxious personality, though he's actually a pretty chill guy. He is truly a very sweet dog, and I envy the household that gets to love him forever!

Fly sleeps like a dream. He puts up with being picked up and shifted around with nary a protest, asleep or awake. He avoids the crate like the plague though, and isn't very comfortable about getting in other dogs' space.

Speaking of other dogs, Fly is very submissive. He'll take cues from them, and won't really interact with them unless there's a human in the mix. He's still figuring out the whole playing thing, and has finally graduated to understanding that humans can play too! Fly much prefers humans to other dogs. He can be a bit of an attention hog too. There is never a pat that another dog gets that Fly doesn't make clear that he would be okay receiving too!

Fly is a toy transporter. If there's a basket of toys in the house, guaranteed they are all going to end up on the bed at some point during the day.

When it comes to food, Fly is an interesting guy. He has to be coaxed to eat, and is clearly eager to--and will--wolf it down. Fly prefers his treats and toys set on the ground in front of him rather than accepting them from your hand. He doesn't seem to show any interest in messing with another dog's food, though he sure wants to investigate yours! He wants to be a counter surfer soooo bad, and is also easy to dissuade. His relationship with food seems to be a little off, so you'll have to figure out what works best for you.

Fly loves walks, and still needs a little etiquette when it comes to that. He's very strong and tends to pull, even at his own expense. He's very shy about other dogs while walking--if you pass by a household with barking dogs he tends to freeze and not want to budge. With a little time and experience this should be easy to iron out.

Fly hasn't been cat or small dog tested just yet, and the prospects aren't looking good. He loves chasing squirrels, and the few times he's seen cats in the backyard or through the window he has expressed his very clear desire to chase them.

Fly is such a sweetheart, and truly a treat to have around. He's still a bit timid and shy, and will take some time to open up and relax in a forever home. When it comes to forever homes, he would be too vocal in an apartment environment. Fly will really need a household where his humans are present most of the time. I’m fairly confident that Fly would be fine as an only dog as long as he gets lots of attention. He’s a Velcro dog, and doesn’t do well without humans around.

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