Floyd Floyd

Floyd, aka Flat Top, is a 4½-year-old white-and-red handsome male, born January 30, 2000. Floyd's grand sire is Dutch Bahama and you can see it in those beautiful eyes! Floyd's racing career consisted of over 130 races, mostly in Florida, from March 2002 to September 2003. Floyd appears to be cat and small dog tolerant. He also enjoys living in a home with other greyhounds, but will do best in a home without children.

When you look at Floyd, your thoughts go back to the days of Egypt, pyramids and Pharoahs. He has a long noble nose and eyes lined with dark eyeliner. His body is lean and muscular, his movement is graceful -- his whole being reminds you of a cat. Not a house cat, but a Cheetah. On the leash, he trots with his head held tall and ears perked. Although not small, he is able to make himself very tiny and none intrusive. He is just there. He can curl himself up in the smallest of spaces.

Floyd has had a rough go of life up till now, and it is important that his next home understands him - because once you do, Floyd is possibly one of the best dogs you could find. I cannot stress how worthwhile it will be. The person who decides on Floyd will get a dog who loves back with an intensity that can be felt when he looks at you; those beautiful eyes of his… they pull you in, it cannot be helped.


He is a very gentle, soft spoken boy of a greyhound. He is a bit sensitive. Not only to the touch (he does not care for rough handling, jerking or pulling) but also vis-à-vis your actions: If he thinks you yell at him, he will shy away, when faced with big crowds and lots of noise he will show signs of stress, just little things like that. There just needs to be mutual respect and understanding.

His one goal in life is to be near you, to stand close, head down, gently nudging, hoping you will touch him back. He doesn't need or want too much excitement; he thrives on routine and structure (an important part of Floyd's well being). It's really quite easy, if he is where you are, he is happy. He keeps a constant eye on you, so if by chance you move, he will jump up at a moment's notice. A loud and rowdy home is not for Floyd, he just plain doesn't care for it and it makes him nervous.


This does not mean that he is not an active or social dog, not at all, quite the opposite. He is a silly boy when he gets going. If you blow on his face, he will cover it up with his paw, in the most adorable way… He "talks", when you get him going. Say the word OUTSIDE, and we have a barrage of activity. He will stick his butt up in the air, prance and "pogo".

Floyd would be ideal in a family of adults. He would appreciate another dog or two, as long as they respect his space, as he will respect theirs. He plays very well with his canine foster siblings in our house, and we have quite a few. Everybody knows when enough is enough, and when things get crazy (which occasionally does happen), we take "time out". Floyd has been introduced to cats, and does not seem to care. We would definitely consider Floyd cat trainable. He just needs to spend some more time with them.

He rides in the car like a champ, he walks excellently on the leash, and rarely pulls; he stays right next to you. If there are interesting items such as people, bunnies, dogs, cats or birds, he will perk his ears, look around, and wait for you to indicate what you want to do. The dog park is another favorite, and he takes off like there's no tomorrow when let off the leash. He loves to run. He has his very own running style that has to be experienced and cannot be described… But it makes you laugh! He plays wonderfully with other dogs, shows no sign of irritation even if they get a bit close. He responds well to his name, and will come flying to you across the park when you call him. Sweet, sweet Floyd...

Every night, after he finds that perfect spot on his bed, he lays down with a sigh followed by the biggest grunt you have ever heard.


Floyd's last few months have been stressful and filled with change and upheaval. Due to this, he has lost some weight, which we are trying to put back on. He is not all that food motivated, he just doesn't "live for food" like some of us… but we have found a way around that, and he is eating real well now. He eats best if left alone. Not that he minds being touched while eating, there is no food aggression whatsoever, but when distracted, he prefers to go with the distraction as opposed to his food. We have learned that too many people, and too much activity, do not provide the best eating environment for Floyd.

Floyd has not had any accidents in our house, but we do have a doggie door, which he does really well with. He can often be found calmly snoozing in the back yard… until it is time for A/C and indoors. He is crate trained, and tolerates it amidst some initial crying. He is currently not crated which he earned for excellent behavior. He does not chew on "people things", but loves to chew on rawhides, and can remain occupied for some time doing that. He does not counter surf at all, or beg. As a matter of fact, he pretty much stays out of the kitchen at all times. He will come if called, or if there seems to be a slight chance of getting peanut butter or cream cheese because that is so much better than regular food!


Even the most perfect being, can have a flaw... So also Floyd… He loves to lie on the couch. Quite manageable, because all you have to do is to tell him or show him what you want, no need to raise your voice, just a "down", and off he goes. He listens very well. Even in situations when he is full of "play" he listens to you. I find Floyd spectacular, as there is so little effort needed. It is easy for Floyd to understand that you are his leader and guardian; you just have to show him. Be sensitive to his needs, and the rewards are wonderful. He is such a good boy.

The happiness is complete once we return home from work. The tail wags furiously; he will lean his head against you, lick and make funny grunting/barking noises. He offers a greeting, which makes you smile and feel very welcome. If you happen to walk away, he will come from behind and put his head between your legs, saying "we weren't done yet; more head scratching please".


We think the true Floyd has emerged; a funny, silly, and animated dog, the complete opposite of what you will see at the "Meet 'n Greets", or the dog we saw when he first came to our house. It is very obvious when Floyd feels "out of sorts". We are working on boosting his self confidence with lots of praise and rewards.

Floyd is one of the sweetest greyhounds you can encounter. We are hoping for that very special home for Floyd, the "true forever home". If you are looking for somebody to fill a void in your heart, Floyd is your man. He is an extraordinary boy, and those of us who have fostered him, love him dearly, and wish we could keep him forever. He has a strong fan club … Are you the one for Floyd?

Floyd's Foster Family
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