Fitz aka KB's Fist City is a 1 year old black male born on April 27, 2019. His sire is Time Flies and his dam is ST’s Lexus. His litter was never registered but was instead put up for adoption through GALT. At present, he is being evaluated medically and will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Fitz is a very large and playful pup. He started doing zoomies in the backyard and enjoys rolling around in the grass. When his senior housemate will participate, he loves to play with her. He really likes to be around his people more than other dogs, though when there are no people around he needs other canine companions.

He is very much a puppy still, he likes to get into things and is not destructive. Fitz loves his stuffies and will carry them around the house and will hide them in little nooks and crannies. He learned how to do the stairs and can jump into a car when he feels like it, otherwise he needs to be lifted into the car.

Fitz can be vocal at times so a single family home would be the best home for this energetic and sometimes vocal pup.

Fitz's Foster Parents

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