Fiorina is a 1 1/2 year old black female born January 24, 2020. Her sire is Flying Fired-up and her dam is Flying Fiorina. Fiorina came to GALT with her sisters, Fiji and Flo. She has no races to her credit on Greyhound Data. Fiorina is cat tolerant.

Fiorina is a sweet and spunky little girl. She loves people, her foster sister and soft toys. She will welcome you home or to the new day with lots of tail wags and zoomies. She loves walks and will give us a little bark when she thinks it is time; she walks well on a leash. She is fully housetrained and asks to go outside.

Fiorina is cat tolerant, and is actually afraid of the house cat and will run and hide whenever she sees the cat; although, she has let out some barks when she sees the cat. She crates easily and uses the crate as her safe space - the door is always open for her.

She loves soft toys and anything soft - mostly tosses them in the air and chases them - toys, slippers, shoes, the teapot cozy, towels, and bath mats! She is good about letting go of what does not belong to her especially if replaced with something more appropriate. She does not seem to chew and destroy, rather just collect these things. She is (or would like to be) a counter surfer – and corrects easily but can be sneaky!

Ultimately Fiorina will make a wonderful greyhound pet and companion. Fiorina will do best in a single family home environment with another dog in addition to a kitty. She can be vocal if left alone without her canine buddy. This girl is affectionate, playful, funny, and really just loves to be loved.

Fiorina's Foster Family