Fiona is one of Allie's puppies born March 5, 2008. She is a black girl and she along with her two brothers (Paddy & Quinn) and one sister (Erin) make up GALT's Four Leaf Clover!

Little Fiona took flight on Thursday, March 27, just 3 weeks and 1 day after she came into this world. Fiona was the littlest of the Clan, and looking back, it seems she was destined to be the one with wings, for reasons that none of us can understand. Dr. Soileau and Dr. Ellis both believe it was a congenital defect, and as hard as they tried, it could not be fixed. This little girl has left huge pawprints on the hearts of those who knew her, especially those in her foster family and extended family. Run and play, sweet baby Fiona – you are missed and will never be forgotten.

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