Filly, fka Honest Philly, is a 8 year old brindle female born on April 4, 2012. Her sire is Hi Noon Renegade and her dam is Karaoke Cat. Filly has an astonishing 182 races at Derby Lane to her credit. It is not know at this time if Filly can live with cats or small animals. Filly is currently undergoing medical evaluation.

Silly Filly is a very well-behaved girl. She seems to know that she has a pretty good gig going and doesn’t want to mess things up. She has perfect house manners and gets along well with people and other animals.

Fil has never tried to get on furniture or get into anything that doesn’t belong to her. Other than… she does like to sometimes drink out of the upstairs toilet. We think that when she is upstairs that it is entirely too much work for her to walk all the way downstairs to drink out of her bowl when there is a perfectly good porcelain bowl upstairs. We put the lid down on the toilet, but she quickly learned how to pop it up just enough go get her head in for a drink. That Filly is a smart girl!

Fil sleeps all the time! When she isn’t asleep, she is very chill. She’s a happy and friendly girl and she gets along very well with our other greyhound and neighborhood dogs she has met on walks (although she does get perturbed if the doggie rear end sniffing lasts a little too long). We think Fil would do very well with small kids. We play with her quite a lot and she is always very sweet and gentle. She also does not seem to have a startle reflex if she is awakened out of a deep sleep.

Fil’s favorite things to do, besides sleeping, include head scratches, mealtime, treats, walks, and laying in the sun. Fil loves to be petted and will extend a paw out towards us to be sure we know she is there and make herself look so adorable that we can’t possibly walk by her without reaching down and giving her some lovings.

Petting Fil is really nice because she has absolutely the softest fur we have ever felt! This time of year, some greyhounds might shed a little, but we have not noticed any shedding at all.

Fil hasn’t shown any interest in toys. We have a toy basket and our other grey plays with toys on occasion, but Fil just seems to say, “You know those dragons aren’t real, right?” She hasn’t shown a lot of interest in chasing after live animals either. We have several squirrels in our yard who seem to tease her, but she just ignores them.

Fil’s most endearing quality is that she roos – or sings – when she is really happy. Rooing might happen a couple of times a day, usually at mealtime, but can also happen if she is ready for us to wake up, or give her a treat, or we are getting ready for a walk. It’s so funny!

Filly is a wonderful girl and we know she will be the perfect addition to a deserving family!

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