Ferris, fka Deco Feta, is a 1 1/2 year old black male born on December 1, 2018. His sire is Need My Moneynow and his dam is Fly Lisa Leslie. Ferris never raced and is now ready to move straight to retirement. He is undergoing medical evaluation and will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Ferris is a special boy who needs a special home. He has come a long way since we started fostering him, from a hound that was scared of his own shadow and hiding in his crate, to a brave quirky little boy who now runs zoomies and dances in the morning to get the others to play with him. Ferris comes over and touches me with his cute little wet nose to tell me he wants me to scratch him behind his ear. He’s the biggest toy hoarder and loves to carry things around the house, usually everything ends up in his crate. The other dogs in the house have helped him a lot by showing what you can and cannot do and how to trust people. Ferris will definitely need a canine buddy in his own home, kids on the other hand are a no-no.

He’s still very timid when going for a walk (or at any wide-open place), cars and people approaching scare him so we’ve been walking the trails in the city park where he feels safer. And when I say he’s timid outside, I mean that if he would get off leash, he’d run till he’d be too exhausted to run anymore. He has walked by bunnies and several squirrels without even noticing them because he’s been too focused on scanning the surroundings for possibly approaching threats. Therefore, living on a busy street or in an apartment wouldn’t be a good place for him.

After telling you that he’s timid and scared, there is a new Ferris coming out of the shell and we’re seeing progress on a daily basis! Crates are still his safe/favorite places and he’s a master roacher! Also he has started to show us his playful side and has the cutest high pitch bark that he lets out when he wants to play. Mornings are his prime time to be playful and goofy! He walks around the house and has started to use the dog beds just to be close to us. It helps him tremendously to have dedicated places for him around the house where he feels safe as he likes to use them and then little by little he starts to widen his comfort zone. You need to be patient with him and allow him to learn to trust you; he’s a loving boy who will make someone very happy!

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