Felix Felix

Felix, aka Chad Buie, is a 4-year-old, born April 10, 2003. His dam is Prima Gold Cast, and his sire is Dominator, who had a brilliant racing career. Felix's grand sires are Molotov and P's Raising Cain, both record-setting racers. Felix is no slouch himself, with 100 races under his belt during his 3-year career. He ran some Grade A and AA races as well as some Stakes at Gulf Race Park in Galveston. He was finally retired this March at Valley Race Park in Harlingen.

This gorgeous, magnificent boy is ready for the life of a retired athlete in a forever home. Felix was a little too interested in the cats for comfort, so GALT would like to find a forever home for him without cats. Felix will be introduced to small dogs later.

Felix is delightful and well mannered. He is fascinated by sounds from the TV and perks up his ears as if to ask "What was THAT?" The ice-maker noise was a mystery to him at first. He would poke his nose between the fridge and the wall, trying to see what was going on in there. He likes to play with a squeaky tennis ball and a small soft puppy, which he picks up and carries around the house.


He loves his walks, and behaves very well on the leash. We have had some stormy days lately, and he is just as happy to walk in a light sprinkle. We had a little thunder yesterday, and Felix lifted his head, looked around, and went back to sleep.

Felix eats his dinner and doesn't leave a crumb. I noticed him spending some time at his water bowl, and went to see what he was doing. His nose was under the surface and he was trying to remove one piece of dinner that had fallen in the water. I helped him out with that.

Felix stays in the house when we are out for several hours at a time. He keeps his toys in a spot near the computer, where I often spend time. His coat is very soft, and he loves to be hugged and petted.

He already knows the sound of the garage door, and gets up and looks toward the door when someone is coming home. He greets us with a wagging tail and what looks like a happy smile!

Felix's Foster Mom
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