Fancie Fancie

Fancie, aka Yopon Chantilly, is a 5-year-old BEAUTIFUL black female born June 3, 1998. She was found as a stray in the Forney Road area. Fancie is a petite, very sweet, affectionate and happy girl. Her foster mom says she loves to lay around, especially on her doggie bed, and her favorite TV show is “Animal Precinct” - sometimes she actually jumps up to try and play with the dogs! She gets along well with other dogs and is good with the neighbor kids. Fancie is cat and small animal trainable. Fancie’s coat and fur is now in much better condition and thicker, especially on her face, throat and hind quarters since she has had a steady, consistent diet of good nutrition and love. She is blossoming!

Fancie is very playful with her toys. She gets really active indoors, in short bursts (5 to 10 minutes or so). She never damages anything, but I would definitely not let her near the family china, if I had any. She doesn't find the toys as stimulating outdoors, and my attempts to play outside haven't been successful. Fancie is really, really an indoor dog. I have continued to keep the door unlatched so she can return inside when she is finished outside. During the years Fancie spent between the racing world and GALT I believe that she may have had a home or homes where she was forced outside and forced to remain there. This is the only way I can explain her behavior. She wouldn't go out after dark because she was terrified that she couldn't come back in. It took about 6 weeks to get enough trust to be able to get her to leave the deck without a struggle. Due to her ambivalence about running loose in a yard, I believe that she could live in an apartment with an owner who is active enough to be sure she got regular walks.

Fancie is quite accustomed to my cat and is not overly interested in the squirrels in the yard. I believe she is definitely small animal tolerant. I still wouldn't recommend her around babies or really small kids because her occasional exuberance and her karate-chop use of her front paws could be a problem.

Fancie is a sweet and affectionate dog. An owner who has the ability to train and reward her would have a really nice dog. She is intelligent and eager to please, just a little excitable some times.

Fancie's Foster Mom
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