Ethan is a 9 month old fawn male born October 30, 2016. His sire is Coldwater Konow, and his dam is Jedi Bond Girl. He is unregistered with the NGA. Ethan showed some mild lameness when training, so he has a jump start on retirement. No physical issues have been determined to affect his quality of life as a companion pet. Ethan is small animal and cat tolerant.

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the sweetest boy of all? Why it MUST be Ethan! We have never known another one year old greyhound as sensitive, well behaved and CALM as Ethan. Forget the land shark phase, this boy went straight to sweetheart. He has perfect house manners, comes when called, will crate easily with a cookie and sleeps through the night in either the bedroom or living room. This baby loves his toys, and a wide variety - rope, hard plastic, squeaky - all make the list of favorites. Lately he has an affinity for pillows so it's best to keep those out of reach. Ethan will play big-mouth-bitey-face with his buddies and then joins them for long naps on a slumberball after playtime. Ethan is a meticulous eater, crunching every bite, and makes sure all his housemates finish theirs too. He came to us a little lame and we found out the growth plates in his back legs didn't close. Eventually he needed a screw and pin in one knee to help the bones fuse. That slowed him down for a little while and as a result he doesn't counter-surf or get on furniture. He doesn't trust his hind legs yet so he needs some help into and out of the car. Never have we had a dog with a louder sniffer than Ethan! He can be on the other side of the yard and we can hear his little rat-a-tat-tat - it's hilarious. This golden boy has big brown eyes, super expressive ears and the sweetest upturn of his mouth so it always looks like he's smiling. Ethan is a playful and joyous boy! Outside he runs around, digs a little and hops a bit like a bunny. His ideal home will have another big dog and likely a small dog or cat as well. We truly believe Ethan is the most photogenic pup and will make a perfect addition to any family!

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