Esau, aka Atascocita Esau, is an almost 2 year old white and red male born on October 15, 2015. His sire is Flying Westover and his dam is Atascocita Golda. Esau decided early on that racing was not for him; he ran 6 races per at Palm Beach Kennel Club in West Palm Beach, FL in May and June 2017 before heading to retirement. Esau is considered to be cat and small animal tolerant.

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Esau McGraw, See-Saw, The Shadow - this handsome boy has so many nicknames! Add to that he’s a champion roacher and it doesn’t take much to get Esau rooing! His people aren’t allowed to get too far for this velcro boy. Anytime he people get up, his nose is under hand...""I'm coming too! Where are we going?"" Every so often, he'll get up to offer you a cold wet nose and ask for a rub. Esau has a spot on his neck where if you scratch just right, he'll get his back leg a-thumping... it’s to die for funny! He really doesn't seem to mind if you hang on him or where you touch him (toes, ears, mouth, tail, etc.) and he's not picky about where he lays; grass, carpet, tile or dog bed. Larger size stuffies are among Esau’s favorites, though he LOVES to gnaw, gnaw, gnaw, gnaw on a Benebone every.single.night! We have a variety of toys spread out in the living room, but that's what he searches out. While he doesn’t really do any zoomies in the yard, he will chase down a toy if thrown until he decides he's done. He'll also chase after his foster-sister or mouth on her playfully. He has lots of puppy-like energy. Because he’s so people oriented, Esau does have some separation anxiety, though we don't make a big deal about coming or going and a Kong filled treat is enough of a distraction to minimize the event; he's just anxious, not destructive. Esau has some normal things that bother him – taking away a beloved toy, pulling by the collar or waking up with a growl when sleep startled. Most of these are easy to work through by offering a high value alternative or putting a leash on him when he’s lying down. And it’s usually best to let sleeping dogs lie! When it's time to brush teeth, we typically meet him half way and brush his teeth while he's lying on his bed. He cooperates with the process, he just doesn't want to stand for the it. Esau uses the doggie door, or lets you know he has to go potty by going to the door or becoming active (pacing). He walks very well on a leash to go potty. There are zero concerns about him living with a kitty. Our cat is so comfortable with him, the cat lays on the floor near him. Esau barely pays him any attention until the cat begins to zing around the house running his own version of zoomies. Esau’s lived comfortably with another greyhound, small dogs and cats do his forever home should have a canine or feline companion and a loving family to call his own!

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