Eric Eric

Eric, aka BP Alex Excells, is a striking 4½-year-old brindle male, born August 27, 2000. Eric's sire is Leo's Midas and his dam is Cindy Said So. His racing career spans 158 races, starting March 31, 2003 in Melbourne, moving also to Shoreline, before his last race March 5, 2005, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen. This boy was quite a contender, mainly racing Grade A in his career.

Eric is playful, playful, playful!!! He puppy-pounces, spins and tosses soft doggie toys into the air. It’s a rare waking moment that his tail isn’t wagging. Eric is also cat tolerant and backs off quickly when they let him know they’ve had enough of his sniffing. He also responds well to human commands to leave the cats alone. He likes the crate OK, but would rather be out with the rest of the dogs.


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