Emily is 2 year old black female born on April 13, 2018. Her sire is Trent Lee and her dam is Direct Response. Emily was not registered with the NGA; instead, she wanted to head straight to a couch. She is being evaluated medically at this time and will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Emily is pretty much the perfect greyhound. She is super affectionate, curious, playful, and respectful of "no." She is food-motivated, so much so that she has to check a treat or bowl of food thoroughly before she will eat it. She has been just fine with small dogs, having encountered them on neighborhood walks. She has also seen many cats while we are out for walks and even if one is suddenly just a couple feet away, she is not particularly interested in them or even surprised. Same reaction from birds landing right next to her while she's lounging outdoors.

She has done fine with alone-training so far, and has been alone for an hour without incident. Watching her on the webcam, all she did was play with a toy and then lie down in the open crate. She will be most comfortable at the beginning if she has a crate, by the way. She won't need one long-term, but it will ease her transition for her forever home. She is a good sleeper, usually choosing to sleep in a crate if one is set-up, but she has also done fine without the crate. A bark in the night means she needs to pee, though she doesn't often need to go out in the night.

Emily absolutely LOVES squeaky toys of all sorts and is spontaneously playful and even capable of amusing herself by tossing toys around with wild abandon. She is alternately elegant and goofy and just loves everything and everyone. She quickly lost her desire to chew furniture after I put a mixture of lime/cayenne on the section she had chewed on.

She is not freaked out by thunder and lightning, either! Bring on the monsoons! Emily's Foster Parents