Emily is a six month old white and black female born March 3, 2018. She is the result of an "oops" litter born in southwestern Oklahoma, where the mom is a greyhound and dad is a staghound. This girl already is taking after his dad in size. It is not known if Emily is cat tolerant at this time.

Little Miss Emily is a whole lot of personality in a petite little girl. She has the sweetest face that will just melt your heart, which is good since she is a stinker! She does well with our pack of 4 sight hounds. She has never been aggressive in any way towards them. She LOVES playing with them almost nonstop. They play chase, bitey-face, leg pulling, tail pulling and the ever-popular ear biting. Our pack is very tolerant of her, but she is not very good about recognizing when they have had enough. She will continue to make a pest of herself and then just move on to another dog. She has never even seen a cat so we don’t know what her reaction would be. She has shown curiosity in a couple of bunnies that were in our backyard but seemed more unsure of them than wanting to chase them.

Emily LOVES toys……stuffies, squeakers, chewy bones……she throws them, chases them, snuggles them and of course loves to rearrange them all over the house. She can be a little destructive on stuffies but seems to lose interest once they no longer squeak.

Emily is crated when we leave the house and she has done just fine. We put a bed, a couple of towels or blankets, stuffies and chew toys in with her and that keeps her happy. We have left her out in a contained area of our house with the rest of our pack a couple of times and she has done fine. We only do this when we will be gone no more than an hour or two. She has done very well with house-breaking. She goes to our back door and whines when she needs out. She usually needs to get outside pretty quickly first thing in the morning or she will have an accident.

She is doing well with other household manners – learning to wait her turn to get treats, learning to go find her own dog bed instead of trying to force her way on an already occupied one, and learning that we do not steal food off plates. A firm “No” and a gentle push down (sometimes several times in a row) seems to work best to get the message across. On occasion we have used a squirt with the water bottle if needed. She does not like that. We are still working with her on what is acceptable to chew. We try to keep chew toys around her as much as possible since she is always looking for something to gnaw on. Bitter spray does not work with her; she likes the taste of it.

Emily is a good eater who will generally eat as soon as we put her bowl down. She likes to ride in the car and is learning to find a place to lay down and just enjoy the ride. She will not jump up into our SUV – she’s short and it’s fairly high so that may come with time.

She is definitely an active puppy. She is up and eager to go from the second she wakes up in the morning. She has several hours of playtime in the morning before she takes an extended nap. She usually gets going again around late afternoon and stays active until bedtime. Emily sleeps thru the night until around 6:00 or 6:30 AM. She is VERY snuggly at night when she starts to get sleepy. She likes to curl up in your neck and nuzzle yours ears. She loves to give kisses and will lie in your lap while you watch TV. Emily will be a wonderful addition to a family who will be patient with her thru her puppy phase and a home with other dogs to teach her. She is super smart and will be easy to train.

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