Emily Emily

Emily is a 4-year-old black female who originally made her way to GALT as a stray from the Alvarado shelter. She was turned in after being found running loose, dragging a nylon rope attached to a plastic collar. Emily is double tattooed, making her origins unknown, but her birthday tattoo in her right ear is still legible as October of 2002. Emily lived in a home for the last year but was returned for being too bossy with her canine house mates. She is a very confident lady, and will be fine as an only pet or with dogs who wouldn't mind that Emily is top dog. Friendly, outgoing, and full of personality, Emily loves to entertain herself with stuffy toys, and is looking for a forever home where the toys can all belong to her when she wants them. Emily is cat trainable (with patience) and gets along well with small dogs.

Emily is such a pretty black girl with beautiful white markings! Yes, she may be a little assertive with the other dogs, but Emily’s foster parents are working on that and it is going well. She does like her food, and if there are any slow eaters around and given the opportunity, Emily doesn't mind in the least trying to eat somebody else's food.

She is great on a leash and loves her walks – she is even learning how to "wait" at the door, which is a helpful trick when there are several dogs that want out at the same time. She is the perfect mixture of energy and couch potato as she combines small bursts of energy and playfulness with some good napping in between.

Emily is a sweet girl and very affectionate - always ready to be where there is action and potential for hugs. She is not a big fan of the crate, but does very well in the house so that is okay. This sweet girl will be happy as long as she can be the queen of the house, but mostly she just wants to be where you are.

Emily has had a bit of a rough go of it and is now ready for her true forever home where she can share her love and affection with a special someone.

Update on Emily:

We have discovered another facet of Emily's personality - she is an excellent traveler. Over Christmas she accompanied us on a trip (seven hours each way) to visit my mother who lives in an assisted living facility. She was wonderful in the car, coming from the back of the van to the front occasionally to remind us she was there and returning to her perch on the back seat. Staying in the car alone at pit stops was no problem to her and there were no tummy upsets or accidents.

We stayed in the guest room in the facility. Again, no problems, except she doesn't like being left alone too long. She soon became the favorite of the nursing staff and the patrons. She loved being the center of attention but was never overly energetic or pushy. She could be a candidate for a therapy dog. She is so food oriented and eager to please that she is very trainable.

Emily will be an excellent family pet or a one-person pet. She actually fetches and will play her own game of toss-the-ball-and-catch if no one will play with her. She gets along with other dogs who don't mind being bossed around, but humans are her greatest love.

Emily's Foster Parents
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