Emmitt, aka Emery, originally came to be a part of GALT's family in January 2011 as a stray found in Bryan, TX. He is a large, red fawn greyhound/saluki mix and is estimated to be about 8 years old. He was first adopted in April 2011, but it was not the forever home he was looking for, so he returned in January 2012. His second adoption occurred in February 2012. However, after being in a home for three years, Emmitt was found as a stray in the Jackson, MS area. Emmitt's return to GALT was eventful, utilizing both his microchip identification and the clause in his adoption contract compelling his return to GALT through the legal system.

Sadly, he began limping just a few weeks after his return. The diagnosis is osteosarcoma (bone cancer) high in his shoulder. Emmitt is being kept as comfortable as possible by his original foster family where he feels at home and very much loved.